Mistakes to Avoid When Walking Your Dog

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The daily walk of your dog is probably one of the best parts of its day. Aside from a bathroom break, going for a walk can offer your dog a lot of other things. It can provide your dog a chance to know what’s happening in the neighborhood, mental stimulation, and physical exercise.  

Because of that, you’ve got to ensure you avoid these common mistakes to ensure your dog is truly enjoying its 30 minute walk Milwaukie. 

Pulling on the Leash 

We walk extremely slowly from the perspective of a dog. That’s why dogs would drag their owners behind them as fast as possible to get where they want to go and follow interesting scent trails. Pulling back is one of the most popular answers we’ve got to a dog pulling the leash. But, oftentimes, this does not achieve the desired result. Dog owners end up in a leash tug-of-war instead. Of course, possibilities are the owner will lose with a strong and huge dog.  

The reason for this is that your dog has an opposition reflex. This means that your dog will pull back if you pull on their leash. Your dog will stop walking and dig in if you attempt to drag your dog on the opposite side.  

They aren’t doing this to be controlling or stubborn. It is just their body’s way to respond naturally. However, the leash’s pressure is tough on your dog’s throat. This is especially true for tiny dogs. Also, it is quite unsatisfying for your dog since it keeps him from exploring. 

Not Letting Your Dog Explore and Sniff 

For humans, whenever we smell something, it is because we want to enjoy and relax. However, when it comes to the walks of your dog, it is far more different. With their noses, dogs experience the world. They want to smell every single thing that the surrounding has to provide.  

That’s why you are preventing your dog from completely taking in everything around it if you ask your dog to heel the whole way around the block or drag it away from an interesting scent. Also, you are removing the mental stimulation that a walk could offer.  

Rushing Bathroom Breaks 

It a crucial choice for your dog wherever they choose to do their business. It isn’t simply about relieving themselves. It is about interacting with the environment. To indicate their presence to other dogs, they utilize their urine. Because of that, smelling the urine of other dogs will tell them about all the other dogs in your neighborhood. This includes their health, age, and gender. This is your dog’s way of keeping updated on what is happening in their community.  

Dogs want to sniff out every area where the other dogs relieve themselves. They can do this while on a walk. After sniffing it, they will leave a fresh drop on top of that area. It is your dog’s way of saying that “I was here too!” to the other dogs in your neighborhood.  

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