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Painting a Concrete Driveway Using Stencil 

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Whatever is in front of your house, is what your neighbors and other people will see. A part of this is your driveway. Wouldn’t it be nice if your driveway is just as attractive as the rest of your house? They will definitely complement each other. More so if they have a close resemblance in color or style. 



So, if you want your concrete driveway to look more appealing and match your entire home, then you can paint it using a stencil. Here are the steps on how to proceed: 


  1.  Prepare the Driveway 

Clean the driveway thoroughly. Use a pressure washer if you have to. Ensure you clean the zone completely, as any remaining soil and grime can meddle with the nature of your paintwork. After you let it dry, fill in any cracks on the surface with a fixing application. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label and let it dry completely before proceeding. 


  1. Use a Primer and a Sealer  

To prime and seal it, you will need, you’ve guessed it, a primer and sealer. But it shouldn’t just be any primer. It should be the one made for concrete. Use a roller with a long handle to apply the primer. Overlap each application. Dry the primer before applying a sealer. The concrete is highly absorbent. You have to apply a sealer so as not to let the paint being absorbed. Dry the sealer properly before placing the stencil. 


  1. Pick Out the Pattern 

A stencil pattern comes with many choices. If you prefer your driveway resembling like a mosaic, bricks, you can totally have it. If your project is large-scale, then an adhesive type is best. It also has numerous types available. If you already have your stencil, follow the instructions that came with it, including the ones on how to properly measure a specific area. Not a fan of store-bought stencils? Then make your very own. It is possible, yes. But it is also recommended to use a ready-made one if it is your first time so you will be guided by the instructions. 


  1. Paint Your Driveway  

Now for the fun part. Place down the stencil. Clear the area again. Making sure that it is free from debris is the key to having a successful paint application. But don’t use water and use a broom instead. You can use either a roller or a sprayer. Apply two layers and dry between coats, or whatever the instructions say. After all these, you can carefully take out the stencil. Coat it with a layer of sealer to ensure your stencil pattern is protected and shiny.  


  1. Curing  

Curing time is between 48-72 hours. If the weather isn’t warm, then it will take 3 days. After then, you can park your car or use the driveway like you used to.  


Not sure how you’d do it? Don’t worry. Experts in driveway and floor stenciling are always available. Plus, you’ll be guaranteed an amazing job. 



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